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Consistent and open communication has strengthened the relationships our hospitalists have with community physicians, their colleagues, their patients and families. New England Inpatient Specialists has developed a unique support structure that ensures the continual flow of communication through integrated technology. Working closely our team of professionals are committed to providing exceptional care to every patient, with compassion and dignity.



Our hospitalists offer not only compassionate care, but also timely care. Whether you have a question or you need urgent medical attention, our hospitalists are available to meet your needs. Because our hospitalists don’t have office hours, they are devoted to the care of hospitalized patients.This means hospital doctors are available for personal discussions about your care.Their job is to help you to return home as quickly and as safely as possible.



At New England Inpatient Specialists, we have Professional Internal Medicine Physicians who work as a team with primary care physicians and specialists to coordinate and manage the care of patients during their hospitalization. Our team of professional physicians will provide the experienced leadership and participation in key committees to ensure the consistent use of established protocols and the implementation and development and of new ones.

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