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The hospital solutions you demand.

Join the growing number of community-based hospitals that rely on the experienced physicians and management team of New England Inpatient Specialists. Let us lead and implement your hospitalist program and drive measurable benefits and results to patients, hospital staff and your organization as a whole.

Furthermore, our team of professional physicians and nurse practitioners will provide the experienced leadership to participate in key committees. We are dedicated to ensuring the consistent use of established protocols as well as the implementation and development of new ones.

What sets us apart.

Simply put, what differentiates NEIS is our ability to respond quickly, deliver consistent, high quality care and work with other members of the care team to achieve the highest patient satisfaction scores.

Enhance communication

Work together with a team of respected physicians and nurse practitioners who possess superior clinical skills and are backed by a professional management team. NEIS delivers the quality of care you demand and the integration with primary care physicians, skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers, and home care agencies to ensure smooth transitions from inpatient to outpatient.

Interested in how our program measures up to your current one and ways in which you can create efficiencies and leverage your investment to achieve goals? Want to learn how we can help you create efficiencies and pilot new initiatives within your organization? Let’s get started.

R.O.I. you can count on

NEIS provides more than just staffing. We are an active participant in your hospital’s key initiatives, resulting in improved outcomes and satisfaction for multiple stakeholders. As an integrated partner, our hospitalist programs improve satisfaction for patients and their families along with nurses and physicians. We are extremely nimble in managing fluctuating census which leads to improved throughput and decompressing the ED. Not to mention, reduced LOS and less consumption of hospital resources

Talk to us about implementing a formal and structured program that delivers greater flexibility and control and serves as a catalyst for change.

The results to prove it

NEIS is committed to working as a true partner for your hospital’s management team. Beyond maintaining a seamless, consistent and responsive staffing program, we continuously assess efficiencies and look for ways to improve the hospital’s financial performance. To validate the design and evolution of each program, we monitor staffing models to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the hospital partner and collaboratively develop and review financial and quality reports.

Our model is very simple yet highly effective:

  • Promote patient safety and quality of care
  • Improve the efficiency of hospital operations
  • Provide experienced, hands on leadership
  • Improve end-of-life care
  • Drive nursing and patient satisfaction
  • Deliver convenient remote access to EMR
  • Boost efficiency with our on-site program coordinator
  • Improve post discharge follow-up measures
  • Use technology to ensure continual communication flow
  • Look to become an active participant in hospital committees
  • Deliver consistent, experienced and responsive staffing

Experience something different.

Join the growing number of hospitals that rely on New England Inpatient Specialists to lead their hospitalist programs. Our experienced physicians, nurse practitioners and executive management team, work together and across your organization to maximize efficiency and deliver a higher level of care. We’re ready when you are.